Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are You Ready For This?

Mom started a blog!

Can you believe it!?!? I can't. I can't believe she's finally stepped into the 21st century. This from a person who thought computers were going to be the downfall of civilization. But that's my mom. It takes her a long time to accept change but once she does, she runs with it.

My Mom....the one who thought that debit cards were the root of all evil and would never get one for fear of someone stealing her identity.

My Mom....the one who thought that when she wanted to buy something off the internet, she had to slide that debit card into a slot in her computer tower like an ATM to pay for it.

My Mom....the one who thought if she told someone her name over the internet, that person was going to immediately jump in their car, come to her house and kill her.

My Mom....the one who thought if she used too much color in MS Paint, that the computer would eventually run out and she would have to go buy more from the printer ink.

My Mom....the one who believed and forwarded every single stinkin' email forward until I finally got her to check it out before sending it to everyone she knew.

My Mom....the one who didn't even own a webcam, but still thought that everything she said or did in front of a computer screen could be seen or heard by others, including the government. (I still believe she turns off her computer monitor at night because of this reason.)

My Mom....the one who thought when she downloaded something from the internet, it disappeared from the website and was hers to keep as the sole owner until someone came along and took it from her.

My Mom.....the one who thought that it was criminal if she didn't read word for word every "Terms of Usage" message that came with those downloads. Many times she would click "I disagree" and was mad that she didn't get to download the program anyway.

My Mom.....the one who thought when she played a computer game, someone somewhere, was actually playing against her.

My Mom....who made sure new files on her computer had her first name in each and every title so every one would know who it belonged to. (She still does this to this day.) Janies Stuff, Janies Books, Janies Drawings

My Mom...who thought if she wanted to print something in Landscape, she had to turn the paper sideways in the printer.

My Mom....who thought if she vacuumed too close to the computer, a big bolt of electricity would come out of the vacuum and strike her computer.

My Mom....the one who thought computer viruses were caught because she didn't keep her computer tower clean, much like you would catch a virus by not washing your hands.

My Mom.....the one who thought "email" was a new slang word used to describe gay people.
Male, Female and Email.

My Mom....the one who thought computer chips were made by Frito-Lay.

My Mom. I love her so much!

Welcome to my world, Mom! You'll always be the "pup" around here.

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