Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To My Husband: For the record.......

For the record, and for the most part, purely hypothetical, because I know you would never do anything like this, but if you ever attained a position that required you to have to make a public apology for your actions after you've been caught doing something illegal, especially cheating on me, prepare to stand up there completely on your own behind the podium, buddy.
I would not stand up there with tear-soaked, pale skin in stress-ravaged hair and clothes and pretend to make out like everything is hunky dorey between us despite what you did. I am so sick of watching these women pretend that the the most noble thing to do during those times is to stand behind your man. It is NOT noble, you idiots. It's degrading. It's like condoning what he did and sending him the message that he doesn't stand to lose you even because of his cheating/lying ways. Nobody said you have to stand up there and take the shame and embarrassment with him. I certainly don't remember my wedding vows stating that I had to stand by my man while he abused and neglected me.
These public apologies are getting ridiculous. Are they sorry that they did wrong or sorry that they got caught? It's hard to tell the difference anymore.