Thursday, November 8, 2007

Life happens.

Well, I failed.
For the most part, yesterday was a blur to me. After spending most of the day at my sisters house, I came home very lazy and lethargic. All I wanted to do was pass out on the couch and not wake up until this morning. But when you have kids, gone are the days of taking naps whenever you want. So I did the basics to keep everyone happy and fed but slunk back to my warm spot on the couch in between those times. By the time bedtime for the kiddies rolled around, I was very tired. I thought to myself, I'll just watch a few more minutes of tv, run in and make a quick blog post and then I'll head to bed. I was awakened by my husband at 2AM asking if I was going to come to bed.
Alas, life happens and I didn't make it through even a week of NaBloPoMo. I'm not giving up though. I still have most of the month left and I could use the motivation to post. I may be down but I'm not out.

My thought this morning as I was watching tv, How come you rarely see people in limousines wearing seat belts? Do they think they are immune to auto accidents just because they are cruising around in a car bigger than my house? I find that weird.

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