Saturday, June 2, 2007


Mr. Fabulous over at Pointless Drivel posted a funny this morning:

Be a good neighbor!

I believe in being a good neighbor.

If the nice older lady who lives three houses down from you has a kitten that has climbed up a tree and can’t get down, it is your responsibility as a good neighbor to help to calm her down and see what you can do to help.

If you don’t relish the thought of climbing the tree yourself, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to try to shoot the kitten out of the tree.

But just shoot to wing it, not to kill it.

There’s no point to being an asshole.



Mr. Fabulous said...

Bless you for spreading the good neighbor policy!

Anonymous said...

My neighbor is lovely but I would like to see his Yamaha kick into gear accidentally and scoot right up his ass on sunday morning at 9.00.a.m. when he revvs the bollocks out of it in his weak attempts to tune the bugger up on his day off