Friday, January 5, 2007

New Uses for Old Things

New Uses for Old Things has 3 full pages of New Uses for Old Things, including:

* Make Hooks Out of Old Silverware
* Flashes of Brilliance: Clever, Practical Uses for Silver
* Decorate on the Cheap with Everyday Items
* Play Tic-Tac-Toe with Sticky Notes
* Secure Straps on Hangers with Rubber Bands
* Bubble Wrap as Travel Jewelry Organizer
* Create a Wall Mural with Chalkboard Paint
* Votive Candle Holder as Toothpick Container
* Matchbox as Travel Sewing Kit
* Bodyglide for Blister Prevention
* Planter as Table
* Surprising Alternatives for Beauty Products
* Clear Nail Polish as Eyeglasses Fix
* Hair Clip as Towel Pin
* Use Wine Glass as Candle Holder
* Socks as Floor Protectors
* Styrofoam Egg Carton as Paint Palette
* Display Photos with Binder Clips
* Mouthwash Bottle for Soothing Soreness
* Lazy Susan for Egg Dying
* Place Mat as Mouse Pad
* 10 New Uses for Velcro
* 11 New Uses for Salt
* 10 New Uses for Vinegar
* 10 New Uses for Olive Oil

and many more!

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