Friday, December 8, 2006

2006 T.O.Y. Awards

2006 T.O.Y. Awards

The Internet Tourbus deems this the "hands-down the best, most up-to-date toy buying guide around."

Click on the appropriate age group on the left side
of the page to see a list of the top three toys by category for that
age group. There are two dozen award categories that cover both the
type of toy and the age group for which that toy was designed.
Click on the name of any of the award-winning toys and you are taken
to a page that shows you

- A picture of that particular toy;
- The toy's manufacturer and suggested US retail price;
- A one-paragraph description of what makes that toy so cool; and
- Either a telephone number you can call, or a link you can click,
to locate a store in your area that carries that particular toy.

I've been riding the Tourbus for several years now and I gotta agree with them on this one. This list is great!

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