Thursday, January 24, 2008

Terrible Twos!

My God! It just started and all I can think is, "When will it end??".

My youngest is going through what I assume is the Terrible Twos.
She's constantly cranky. Hits when she doesn't get her way. Shrills at the top of her lungs for as long as she can, when she can. Doesn't want to eat what I fix, doesn't want her diaper changed, wants to wear her shoes constantly (even in bed), and doesn't want anyone to talk, look or even breath in her direction.
I am going to rip my hair out if I have to watch one more fit-throwing tantrum of her lying on the floor kicking her feet, while screaming at the top of her lungs.
I know this is normal, but my gosh, I am so not used to it. My first baby didn't even go through phases like this. Kasey was then and still is, my mellow baby. Korey is my classic text book baby. If I read about it, it will happen with Korey.
My main concern with Korey at this point is that she is not talking. A friend of ours who had a baby two months after Korey was born, have a daughter who is forming short sentences already. And can run and walk like a 5 year old. Korey walks like she just learned to do it yesterday and she can hardly say any words at all. What she does say is not hardly recognizable to anyone other than me. I don't know what's going on.
One parenting site I read stated:
"Tantrums are inevitable. Parents who interact with a child during a tantrum will just prolong it."
I guess that makes the tantrums a little easier to get through since she can't talk and really doesn't understand what I say either. But still I worry about her not being able to talk like other kids her age.

I'll just be glad when we get through this phase. I am so not used to all this.

I'm sure my mom is laughing her ass off as she reads this. SHUDDUP!


S said...

I know you don't know me but let me tell you what my mom said when I griped about this tendency with my son:

"Step over the child, not on him."

Words that were never truer than when my younger brother threw a screaming meemie hissy in the middle of Consumer's one day. He threw himself on the ground, kicked, wailed, flailed, and generally made a public nuisnace of himself. Mom stepped over him and went to look at the produce.

Sandy said...

Thanks, S!
I'll have to remember that trick.

Mouse7088 said...

Ohhh Sandy...I do understand your concerns about the "whole not talking"...but are you for real?? LMBO! As you know, Codey was my 3rd born son. That child took forever to talk. He had 2 brothers that were always willing to decopher what his little grunts meant. If Kasey is "helping" Korey out in the same fashion...encourage HER to encourage Korey to actually SAY what she is wanting...even if it's just ONE word. Codey seemed to be more "cooperative" when it was one of his bros. Now I can't get the kids to shush it...LOL! Ok..maybe he takes more after me when it comes to being social..LOL! Codey was also the only one to throw horrific tantrums. Our family once used to say "Geek head" when one of us did something quite dingy. Well...when Codey said it, it would come out "Di** head"...NOW, picture it, a child throwing a tantrum while screaming THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Hang in their momma. Codey is still very strong willed...has a short fuse...and I know that child is calling me worse names (in his head) these days, but dang...he turned out to be a great kiddo. Logan, he was the quiet child..he's now almost 15 (March) and that young man will give us the silent treatment when he's matter if it's a big deal or small deal...gimme a kid that tells you like it least then you know where you stand..LOL!

Whimspiration said...

My eldest waited until she was nine to pull this sort of thing with me, and I just held her close to me, sat on the floor, and told her to scream louder the (neighbors, people outside, folks driving down the street, etc) couldn't hear her yet. I always tole her that as soon as she calmed down, I'd let her up, and she'd get the point, calm down, and then we'd talk about what had bothered her.

With younger kids, usually the problem is boundaries-based. Fixing the problem could be as easy as giving him a new responsibility in the house, or spending more time with mom. When kids hit 2-3, they know they are capable of more, and will sometimes throw huge fits if they are still being "treated like babies". It's worked for more than one mom I know. (heck, one mom just taught her child to make a PB&J, and that alone solved the tantrums!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I posted an answer to your other question for you there in the comments in the same post you commented on. God luck!