Thursday, December 6, 2007

This Is What I Have To Put Up With.......

I get no respect.

I first sent this email to my mother and my sister hoping they would know what I was talking about.

Saundra Batson <> wrote:

I don't know if you all remember this or not, but back when I first got my computer, you all were messing around with a Christmas screen saver that would change from day to day. It would start out with a tree and a few ornaments, then each day the tree would become more decorated, presents under the tree would appear and you could see more snow falling and piling up outside. By the time Christmas Day came around, the room was fully decorated and the presents and tree were full. I want to say that somewhere in all that, there was a fireplace and a grandfather clock with a mouse that could be seen at times climbing up the side of it. The window showing the snow outside had a sort of Londony, vintage-y look to it with horses and carriages driving by.
I know I did not pay for this screen saver and seem to think I downloaded it from somewhere online. I have looked and looked and this makes about the 4th year that I have searched for this screen saver. I've done so many searches on Google with so many different configurations over the years, it's making me sick.
Do either of you know what I am talking about and have any recollection of where we found it at?

Both responded that they knew what I was describing but had no idea where to get it.
Remembering that around this same time, my Uncle Kevin had introduced us all to the Elf Bowling Game that went around and around and my thinking was that he also might have turned us on to this screen saver at the same time, so I sent a copy of this email to him. (The actual Elf Bowling game, not the virus of the same name.) I was hoping he could put me out of my misery and find the mysterious screen saver of old that I was looking for.

Here is his response:

I think the real issue isn’t that you’ve look for a screen saver for four years, although some may think this to be a little excessive.

Maybe your not looking for a screen saver at all. Is it possible your really looking to make a connection to your past computer childhood?

The holidays can be stressful for a lot of older people and we all want to capture this year as with all years that little bit of a past holiday that gives meaning and a sense of order to the current season.

Perhaps your desire for a simpler time is manifesting in the form of a screen saver from four years past.

The first thing is admitting you have a problem. Only then can you begin to truly heal.

I’ve written this little rhyme, maybe it will help.

You brightened each day when I didn’t move the mouse

That little Tree screen saver all snuggled up in my virtual house.

I didn’t remember to save you to a disk or CD now I’ve lost you forever how sad can I be.

You served me well though and never even cost me a buck I found you on a website what non-virtual luck.

Although I‘ll never see you back on my PC you’ll always be the only Screen Saver for me.

The only Little Tree… screen saver for me

Let the screen saver go Sandy, in the knowing that it lived a meaningful life keeping desktop wall paper “high chair baby pictures" and horrifying “our first puppy” shots from permanently burning into the CRT’s of countless monitors.

Let it go, it’s time to move on.

Love you

Your Uncle Kevin

I NEVER get a straight answer from him about anything! LOL

So, I am reveling in the fact that I had to do countless corrections of his spelling and punctuation just to save him the embarrassment of this being posted on the innernets for the whole world to see. And of course, he will deny those corrections adamantly. But if he would like for me to post a side by side comparison post, that can be arranged.
That'll teach him to mess with me! MuHaHA!

If anyone has any idea about the screen saver I am looking for, PLEASE please PLeaSE, for pete's sake, let me in on it!

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