Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reusable Grocery Bags

YES! My wishes have come true!

Have you seen these yet? WalMart has finally gotten on the "green" bandwagon.

They started selling these black reusable bags for $1. Surprisingly for WalMart merchandise, they are very well made, hold twice as much as their regular plastic bags and are 100% recyclable, made from 85% recycled materials (tag on them says made from approximately 4 plastic soda bottles). They are square bottomed which is a major plus when filling them. I have used them a couple times already and can tell that the cashiers aren't too thrilled with them. They are kind of clumsy to fill at the register compared to the hanging plastic bags that they are used to that can be filled much faster and easier.
I have used them more around the house than at the grocery store. They are very handy. They hold so much and the handles on them are just right, not too short and not too long.
I am tempted to take them to another grocery store to see if they will be accepted for use as an alternative to the plastic or paper bags they offer.

Only drawback about them that I have heard about is that these WalMart bags cost a penny more than Kroger sells theirs for and Kroger offers 5¢ back per bag per visit. I don't think WalMart is offering anything back on theirs, at least not that I have heard.
I'd also like to know if they can be laundered. It doesn't say anything about it on the tag.

It's a step in the right direction for WalMart. I have to say that I am a little bit proud of them for finally doing something for the greater good of everyone instead of just their company and their bottom-line.


Brad said...

I'm actually really excited about these bags...we're trying to do a story on them this week at KOLR. Very interesting stuff!

Sandy said...

Great idea for a story!
But don't be surprised if someone at WalMart lets on like they've just come up with this great idea or something. Surprisingly, they are like one of the last ones to jump on the bandwagon with the reusable shopping bag trend. Shoot 'em down, Brad!

Thanks for visiting!

lalodb said...

Hi hello, I live in Mexico, and believe me, no stores have gotten on the "green bandwagon" as you said, so last time I went to McAllen TX, i bought some of this bags, and i uise them wherever/ whenever I cant... Its funny when I get to the store door and the security guys are like " excuse me, let me check your bag in the locker...", and Im like : its a reusable bag, I dont want more plastic bags...

and they are like "mm what?"...

I dont care taking the black bags to other stores... if they dont want me to take walmart's they better make their own bags...