Friday, November 2, 2007

What an inspiring post!

Within the past two weeks, I came across a blog that stood out to me. I had been looking for vintage Halloween labels and found a good deal of them at Kattitudes blog. After scanning around her site and reading some of her posts, I sort of got the impression that she sounded like my long lost twin....except for the crafty part. She's VERY crafty, I am just trying to find my niche in the crafting world. I know it's there but my interests are very broad right now and I need to whittle them down to a few do-able crafts projects. And even then, I keep putting off starting any of them because there's either not enough time, not enough room or not enough money to get them started. I do this with a lot of things, not just craft ideas.
Anyway, I had a suspicion that Kat and I had similar daily lives as far as housework and family life go. I confirmed this through this post. The part of her post that smacked me in the face the hardest was a few words her mother spoke to her when she was ten years old:

When you spend all day cleaning and cooking, everything gets destroyed the minute you do it. You clean something, someone comes through and messes it up again. You cook a meal, someone comes through and eats it and messes up the dishes and all you have is another mess to clean. There is never anything left over for you to sit and admire. There is never anything for you to enjoy or for anyone to appreciate the hard work you put into it. And when you make something, you have something tangible to show for all the hard work you do.

This is EXACTLY how I feel sometimes. Ok, not sometimes, all the time!
I feel unappreciated and lost. I feel like there's not enough time for me and the things I want to do or accomplish. I'd like to start a new project or take a class. At least I'd have something that I did all by myself, for myself. But then in creeps the procrastinator in me that says, "You can't do this right now because of this reason, that reason and the other reason.".

An inspiring post by Kat, indeed. I swear we are long lost twins. Her post picked me up in heart and soul and made me realize I am not alone. I know she wasn't talking specifically to me when she wrote that post but it sure felt like it. She made me think about the things I want to do and made me realize I can do whatever I want to do, I just need to get up and do it. Whether it be crafts or education or any type of goal, I want to have that glow in my heart she talked about and be able to say, "I did that!".

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