Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Bon Jovi Experience

Finally, here are the pics of my once-in-a-lifetime meeting with the members of the rock group, Bon Jovi. This was indeed one of the most nerve-wracking and awkward times of my life.

It was 1985 and we had tickets in hand to see Bon Jovi and Ratt in concert at Hammons Student Center in Springfield. Earlier in the day, my boyfriend and I were lounging around, getting geared up for that nights festivities, when on the radio, which I am sure was Rock99 at the time, the announcer only said a few words......Bon Jovi, Liberty Sound, and the time to be there. I didn't hear it but my boyfriend did. We hopped in the car and headed for Springfield. When we arrived at Liberty Sound, sure enough, we weren't the only ones to hear the blip on the radio. There were about 10 people already standing at the front door. We all stood in line for about an hour. Finally, they opened the doors and we were one of the first people in line at the counter where the autograph signing was going to take place. The store was filled to the brim with people by the time the back door opened and in walked the band.

I nearly fainted. I couldn't believe it when the whole band lined up behind the counter and were no more than two feet away from me. And OH.MY.GOD. were they gorgeous! Especially Jon.
By the time it was my turn to approach him for an autograph, I was shaking so hard and couldn't talk at all. He was asking my name and I couldn't tell him. I went all giggly and stupid. I hate when I do that.

Anyway, he's signing this little tiny piece of paper that I found and I finally got up the courage and the voice to ask him if I could touch him. He looked up at me, smiling and said, “Sure.” I reached out and touched his hand. In that instant, my courage bounded out of my body and I found my hand had a mind of its own and was now proceeding to touch Jon Bon Jovi all over his arm, across his shoulder and all over his chest! I don't know what come over me but I remember thinking, if you're going to touch him, TOUCH HIM GOOD! And I did! He was smiling and laughing and I was in a trance. He didn't seem to mind but I could tell he didn't expect it. I told him thanks and proceeded on down the line to the next band member, Alec John Such. Then Richie Sambora. Then David Bryan. And at the end of the line was Tico Torres. I hardly remember saying anything to them or even taking the pictures that I did take because I was fixated on watching Jon the whole time. Man, he was hot then and still is!

Looking back on all this, I remember thinking how ridiculous I used to think girls were acting when I would see them on TV completely freaking out to Elvis or the Beatles. I have to say now I can't blame them at all. I was thisclose to doing the same thing when I met Jon Bon Jovi. I can’t believe I acted like that.

It would be interesting to see, now that I am older, if I could control myself if I got the chance to meet Jon Bon Jovi again.

Somehow I doubt it.


Tip Junkie said...

I wouldn't be able to control myself either. I'd be star struck for sure. What an amazing experience!

Sandy said...

Hi Tip Junkie!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Yep, one of the best experiences of my life!

Anonymous said...

Wow,you met him!I'm a 13 yr old living in japan and I just when to his concert last night! Sadly in Japan he doesnt do autograph signings! You are truly the luckiest woman in the world! What was it like meeting him?My friends think that he is too old but i dont care!