Monday, July 2, 2007

Tag......I'm it!

I've been tagged!
Mary Helen of Corner of the Sky hit me with a meme a couple days ago that involves posting 8 things about myself that no one knows. I have been struggling to find 8 things about me that wouldn't bore a person to tears. My life now is no where near as exciting as it once was. I've settled into myself thanks to a loving husband and two wonderful babies.
With that in mind, I'll offer up a few things about the past and a few things about the present. Forgive me for being a name-dropper but most of the exciting things happened when I was around other people. And I have never been able to sum up things in just a couple lines like other bloggers, so you'll have to forgive me for that too.

Here goes.......

1. I had a very scary run-in with former Christian County Sheriff L.E. "Buff" Lamb when I was 12 years old. An older girl that lived down the street from me decided it would be a good idea on a boring Sunday afternoon to hang out at the local post office and break into some wall boxes and look at other peoples mail. Although I didn't actually break into the boxes, I was inside the post office with her when the town cop walked in to check his mail. We were busted. That next Monday morning, my mother and I spent a good two hours at the desk of Buff Lamb while I cried my eyes out and got a good talking to from him, while the girl I was with spent 3 months in the local jail. There ends my short-lived life of crime at the age of 12.

2. I helped open the Hemingways restaurant to the public. During that time, I delivered Johnny Morris' lunch to him in his personal office. Before the restaurant officially opened to the public, we had a couple Christmas parties for Bass Pro employees and friends of Johnny's. Oh, the stories I could tell!

3. I met the band, Bon Jovi at the old record store Liberty Sound back in 1985 when they came to Springfield for a concert at Hammons Student Center. They opened for another band, Ratt. I am working up a post with pics and the whole story behind this exciting day in my life. I still think Jon Bon Jovi is the hottest thing on two legs these days.....and Tim Tialdo.

4. I have been married once before. I am the ex-wife of a certain Greene County Deputy Sheriff who is running for the office of Sheriff next year. Again.....Oh, the stories I could tell! But I won't.

5. I once had to testify in court against a man with one arm for shoplifting from a convenience store I worked at for many years on the corner of Hwys M and 60. The one-armed bandit decided to pilfer a bottle of whiskey on a Sunday afternoon when liquor sales were banned on Sundays. In the end he was convicted and fined $25. What a joke!

6. I am currently the daughter-in-law to a local pastor of a small church. Hence the reason I do not discuss religion....with him or anyone else. I prefer to keep peace in the family rather than stir things up.

7. I love to bowfish and geocache. My husband introduced me to bowfishing when we first met. Before I met him, I had never heard of such a sport. But it's very fun and exciting. Especially at night. Our business now holds the largest bowfishing tournaments in the state.

I came across geocaching through an online friend. It's addicting and fun. Although I haven't been doing much geocaching since I had my youngest last year and with gas prices being so high, it has turned into quite an expensive hobby at the moment. But I can't wait to get back into it once things settle down some.

8. I am a Survivor addict! I have seen every show of every season except two. I have auditioned for Survivor but have never received a call-back. I would go on that show in a heartbeat. I met Rupert at a car show a couple of years ago and we got our picture together printed on the front page of one of the sections of the NewsLeader. He was as nice in person as he seemed on the show. I was so nervous meeting him.

So there you have it. Quite boring, huh?
Despite that, I like these meme tag things. I read so many local blogs and this tag thing has been around for a while, so I don't know who has been tagged and who hasn't. I think I will try tagging a newcomer to the blogging world, Louis from the Relevant to Me blog. I'll also tag my old geocaching buddy, Amy from GentleWhisper. And throw in Doug from Move And I'll Shoot. Larry at Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind will be tagged too.
There's 4. Gotta leave some for them to tag.
Later taters!

FYI: For more things about me, check out a post I made when I first started this blog. I have yet to finish it. Wow...amazing how much has changed in the short time since I wrote that. I foresee an update coming soon.


Amy said...

oh man. No one ever tags me. I was just thinking of you yesterday... Saw your phone number in my cell. I'll have to do my post later, off I go on a grand adventure.

Larry Litle said...


Thanks for tagging me. I found the 8 items to be very interesting. I would love to find out more information on a few of them. Anyway, I will attempt to get my list up tonight.

Sandy said...

I was thinking of you a couple days ago too when I saw you mentioned on another blog. We haven't talked in a long time. Use that number and give me a call.

Can't wait to see your list. Glad you liked mine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag...list to follow.

Sandy said...

Hi Louis!
Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the taggin. I feel special. {blush}

...And, apparently, a little tag does it for me.

Sandy said...

Hi Douglas!
Welcome to my blog!

And if a little taggin' is all it takes to make you blush, maybe I need to do it more

Mary Helen said...

Good list. I love the one about Bon are right about his hotness! I got some up-close pictures of him a couple of years ago at a John Edwards rally in North Carolina.