Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sponsored Post: Brother P-Touch® PT-80 Label Printer

There is no better life than one that is organized, and the Brother P-Touch® PT-80 Label Printer can help you reach that goal!

The Brother PT-80 is a lightweight handheld label maker that's easy to use at home or in your office to organize anything from food storage containers to computer cables. You can also label wherever you go at the touch of a button because it runs on 4 AAA batteries. The ability to label "on the fly" has endless possibilities.

The PT-80 has a typewriter-style QWERTY keyboard and comes in a fun blue and neon green color. My oldest daughter gets a kick out of using this labeler because of its fun color and the ability to hold it in both hands much like a handheld video game while typing with both thumbs.

Some of the many fun and useful features of the Brother PT-80 label printer are:

  • Prints 71 different symbols (Including an asterisk, money symbol, heart, star, paw print, car, plane, cat, dog, arrows, parentheses, and many more)
  • Prints in 9 different styles: Normal, Bold, Outline, Shadow, Italic, Italic+Bold, Italic+Outline, Italic+Shadow, and Vertical
  • Prints in 6 sizes: Underline, Round, Candy, Callout, Banner and Wooden
  • Text framing and Underlining
  • Time and Date function
  • Two lined text on the same label
  • 5 preset label formats for various applications (VCR VHS, MiniDV, Audio, File Tab and Divider)
  • Tapes of many colors and sizes available
All these features and more allow you to create specific labels for specific occasions. One special feature of this is that you can adjust size of text to fit longer names, phrases, etc. It's so versatile that it also prints vertically, horizontally, and in large or small sizes. And you can use up to 80 characters on a label. Up to 9 copies of the same label can also be printed which is a valuable function for big printing jobs like labeling school supplies.

With all these wonderful features, this model label maker is a great tool for daily home use, for teachers, scrapbookers, and for use in any profession or creative outlet. The PT-80 delivers quality results at an attractive price. So when you think of all the things you can label around your home or office, and how easy and fun it is to use, you really do see the benefit of purchasing a quality label maker like this.

A great place to get your new Brother P-Touch PT-80 is at CableOrganizer.com. They have more ways to organize your cables than you can imagine. With their Money-Back Guarantee Return Policy, 100% Secure Ordering, and Fast Shipping of your order within two business days, you can rest assured you're getting the best in customer service for all your cable organization needs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm headed off to my sisters house to label her world with my new Brother P-Touch PT-80!


Mamacita said...

I own a Brother P-Touch. For the first time, I can read my own tabs. You can become a little fanatical about it, though...like, re-labeling the spice containers during an episode of insomnia...:)

Sandy said...

Funny Mamacita!
My problem is, I'm so anal about doing things like that, that I wouldn't need a bout of insomnia to set me off.
Thanks for visiting my blog!