Friday, June 15, 2007

Listen up AT&T..........I WANT DSL!

I seriously don't understand all this.

Two years ago, when I was looking to buy the house I live in now, the ad listing stated "DSL ready". This was back when AT&T was still SBC. The guy that lived here before us was a gamer and had two computers hooked up to DSL through SBC. The lines and plug-ins boxes are still here. All I need is the equipment to plug in.
Now that I am ready to get DSL, SBC has since changed to AT&T. I have been told for nearly a year now that DSL is not available in my area. How can this be possible, I ask? There was DSL here before.....why not now? No one can tell me. I spoke with a lady at AT&T almost 6 months ago and she tried really hard to get it so I could have DSL. She even got it to the point of telling me on a Friday that, yes, it's available and she would order the equipment and send it right out. Two days later, on Monday, she calls me to tell me that my order has been cancelled because the technician says that DSL is not available to me. And she said she wasn't given a reason as to why it isn't available. The only thing she could do was put me on a DSL waiting list. Well, crap! To me, that sounds like a way to get me off the phone....... "let's put you on the list and then forget about you" kind of deal.

This is the most frustrating thing about this whole deal. Everyone around me has DSL. Even people that moved in next door AFTER we moved in here, they have DSL.
What happened to the SBC DSL gateways that made it possible to have DSL here at one time? Did they disintegrate or something?
All I am asking is someone give me a reason WHY I can't get DSL now through AT&T but back when they were SBC, it was available?

I don't want to go with satellite internet access because its too expensive.
I am too far away from the nearest wireless access here in town for a small desktop box and don't have the $250 at this time to shell out for a bigger wireless network box to be installed on the side of my house.
AT&T has the cheapest option for me right now and I am fully willing to pay it but they won't even answer my questions when I call. Their website is crap and I'm not sure the EMAIL US function is even working. If it is, it's not giving me confirmation that my emails are even going through.
If they would just give me an explanation to all this, I would be more satisfied and it would make the wait for DSL more bearable. Until then, I just sit here on my slow ass dialup about to tear my hair out over all this.

UPDATE: I finally, after about 6 tries, got an email to go through with confirmation. But I ask, what's the point of giving you 1000 character spaces to compose an email, when the system doesn't take the email if you use every one of those 1000 characters? Because I did, I surely did.

UPDATE: Incredible! Not 5 minutes after I sent the email to AT&T, this really nice guy called from AT&T. I don't remember his name because I was absolutely shocked that they called that quickly and I forgot his name.
But I can finally say, I got the definite answer I had been looking for. The reason I can't get DSL now is because in the years time that I moved in here and the day I called to get DSL, the station that I would use to hook up to DSL is filled to capacity. The stations can only hold so many connections and someone must have taken mine when it was disconnected for the year or so after we bought this house. The only way I can now get DSL is to wait until someone cancels their account and that leaves an open spot for me. I asked the guy if there was any way to expand the station to include more connections and he said not really, because it was very expensive to do. Ugh.
What a relief to know all this. I am very happy that they responded to my inquiry so quickly. I really don't understand why I couldn't have been told all this 6 months ago.
So, I still don't have DSL but at least now, I know why. In the meantime, if I want a faster internet connection, my only other alternative is to save up the $250 for a wireless network box. I don't see that happening any time soon.

Now, I'm off to create some havoc in the neighborhood and see if I can't get some people around here to pack up and move somewhere else........mmmmuuuuaaahhhhh!!!

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