Thursday, June 7, 2007

I Can't Quit Looking At This Bag

I have this thing for bags. Not just any old bag but big bags. Bags you can carry a lot of stuff in. Bags with lots of pockets and zippers, snaps and buttons.
Cool Tools posted this bag about a month ago and I have fallen in love with it. It's got plenty of room and pockets for essentials. Every pocket closes or has a zipped cover which is a huge bonus when carrying little things like keys, money and a cellphone.
To me, this looks like the perfect bag. I would use it as a purse. I carry so much stuff now for me and for the baby, I feel like I am always hauling luggage around anyway. I just love it. I want the one in khaki. But the gray one or black would go with anything too.

Ampac Tote Bag $13 Available from 1-800-luggage
Or $30 from the manufacturer, Ampac Travelware, Inc.

I wish we had an IKEA store in our area. These tote bags would come in so handy, especially on trips to the pool or on a camping trip. The measure approximately 4'x2'x2'. That's HUGE for a bag. And they are only 99¢!
Someone ship me a couple, wouldja?

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