Monday, May 7, 2007

Sonic loves me??

On our way to a new healthier lifestyle (not sure how long this is going to last), the girls and I have been taking the opportunity to eat out as much as possible this weekend while Dad is away, so that when he comes back, we can head wholeheartedly into our new way of thinking about and eating food. Sort of like a 'starting on Monday', type thing.

Sonic seemed to be the restaurant of choice and we ate there like 3 or 4 times in the past week. Mainly because of the new Tot toys for the girls (so cute) and the new Fury slush for me. (Man, those are delish!)

One thing I've noticed is how many salt packets, napkins and peppermints we've accumulated over the past few days. If you eat at Sonic and go through the drive-thru, you'll notice at the bottom of your bag a couple salt packets, an appropriate amount of napkins and some peppermints. Yes, peppermints.

Now I ask you, what other fast food restaurants can you think of that include peppermints in your order? None that I can think of. We have several major restaurant chains here in town and none of them take the time to add a breath freshener to my order. McDonalds? No. Long Johns? No. Pizza Hut? No. Dairy Queen? No. Subway? No.

No other restaurant even offers mints with my order. Occasionally, you have to ask for extras like salt. Most of the time, you won't get napkins unless you specifically ask for them. And even then, the squirelly people in the drive-thru would hand you an ungodly amount of napkins, like they were being sarcastic and making a point about me even having the gall to ask for napkins. This particularly irked me about McDonalds back when I used to eat there regularly.
But Sonic will give you all that stuff, every time you go through the of don't even have to ask. I like that. It sort of gives you a small sense that they really care for their customers. I like that a lot.

I just wish Sonic served better food.
I mean, ......they have great food.....taste-wise. Health-wise, not so much.

Still, I like Sonic....a lot.
And judging by the number of napkins, salt packets and peppermints I've accumulated the past few days, I'd say they like me too.

Nevertheless, I have to cut them out of my life today. It's time to start anew.
~~Sigh~~ It's Monday.

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