Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Name 50 States in 10 Minutes

50 States in 10 Minutes

Can you name all 50 states without consulting a map?

I forgot 6. It's much harder than you think.
You have ten minutes from page load to type in all 50 states. Yes, spelling counts.

VIA Neatorama


Kristina Jack said...

It said I forgot 7 but I really only forgot 6 cause I couldn't spell Massachusetts to save my life and I spent entirely too much time worrying about how to spell it!

You forgot:Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire,
Utah, Vermont,
Remember to post your score in the comments!

AND, I think you should allow anonymous comments cause nobody really wants to go through the hassle of signing up or signing in to their google account to post stuff. I usually stop right there, but since you're my sister.... I hope I even know what my google account password stuff is so here goes.

Sandy said...

FINE! Geesh! How hard is it to remember a password??
For the time being, I am allowing anonymous comments. But if I start getting spam from those anonymous people, I will turn it off again. AFTER I come knock you on the head for bringing me to this point.
We'll see how it goes.