Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dale Earnhardt Movie

Not only am I huge NASCAR fan, Dale Earnhardt was my man back when the racing was good. The day he died was a massive shock for me. I'd always considered him invincible on the track. But even the best of the best lose the race every once in a while. For me, Dale Earnhardt has been missed since that tragic day.

I can't wait to see this documentary. Unfortunately it probably won't be shown in theaters in this area but will be coming out on DVD soon.

Narrated by Paul Newman, this 100-minute documentary provides the most accurate presentation of Earnhardt's career and life. This moving tribute is told through archival race footage, never-before-seen family home videos and interviews with Earnhardt himself. His fiercest competitors and most avid fans share memories of him on the track. And his family and closest friends give insight to the man behind The Intimidator persona. The film "Dale" illustrates the depth of Earnhardt's influence in the racing world and beyond. Produced with the support and endorsement of the Earnhardt family and Richard Childress Racing, it's a must-see for every fan.

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