Wednesday, February 7, 2007





I know these are nothing more than harmless Daddy Long Leg spiders but the idea of thousands of them in a group like this gives me the willies like you wouldn't believe! And I hate the smell of Daddy Long Legs.

Somebody go over and splash some water on Cathie. I'm sure she passed out as soon as she saw this. Sorry Puss.



Sarah said...

ok I love spiders, but this is even giving me the willies! I'm praying this is not in your house or anything! and they have a smell?? who knew?

you know really ANYTHING in a large quantity is scary. Even a large group of fuzzy bunnies would be horrific in a large group!

Sandy said...

Honey...if this was found in my house, I wouldn't be sitting here right now.
And yeah, they smell. If you pick up a DLL and play with it a bit, then smell your hand, you'll run to the nearest bathroom as fast as you can. It's horrid!
Hey Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate it.