Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Little Mountain Climber

I was checking my email when I realized it was awfully quiet in the livingroom. A little too quiet, even for her. She's a noisy multi-tasker with her toys while watching Blues Clues, talking to the dog and occasionally sipping her cup of juice. But this time, it was really quiet, more than normal. So I get up to go see if maybe she fell asleep (yeah, right) or something. Look in the livingroom, no Korey. Look into the bedroom, no Korey. Great, she must be in the kitchen again. As I cross the path of the stairs to my left, I stop dead in my tracks, take in a huge gasp of air as I am catching sight of this.......

She was on the 10th step of a 13 step flight of stairs. She can't even walk yet, but she can crawl and climb like she was training to compete in it at the Olympics!
Needless to say, I have a gate up now.
It's a new adventure everyday with her. She's growing up so fast. Tomorrow I expect her to be cooking me breakfast in bed all by herself.

Side note to Kasey:
Honey, I sure wish I had computer skills and a digital camera back when you were little. The things your sister does reminds me so much of you at her age.

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