Friday, December 15, 2006

Paper Holidays!

Jaime over at Paper Forest has assembled an incredible list of holiday papercrafts.

Spiky Star

Zero from the Nightmare Before Christmas (Purchase the CD from Trader Sam-the least you can do for all his other magnificent Free models.)

and Jack Skellington's Coffin Sleigh (same deal)

Moving Santa Model (Nominal fee for Download)

Santa Popper (nominal Fee for download)

Cool 3-d snowflake

Printable tree for those with NO space

Keisuke Saka's Carolers

Keisuke Saka's Reindeer

Paperpino's Flying Santa

Pop-up Tree, Pointsettia (new), and Reindeer

Holiday Costume for your Paper Bear and more to explore!

Holiday Gift Box Star Box

Cards from Epson Hong Kong

Snowflake cut-out cards

Simple Tree Place Card

Dreidel Favor Box

Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflake templates

Rob Ive's List of paper models (many aren't included here)

And Flying Pig has assembled their own fantastic list:

Festive Paper models to print out and make.
A selection to paper animations from our site and from around the web for you to download print out and make.
Let us know if you find any others we can add to the list. Ho ho ho!

Santa Popper
Press down on his head and he raises his arms cheerfully. One of our models available here.

Stella Stellated Solids
...make fantastic Christmas decorations! More info.
Hako Santa
From the Paper Pino web site The HPH Santa disassembles and fits completely into his head.
Free to download here
Warming Up
By Keisuke Saka. Delightful model with an athletic Rudolph limbering up for the big day!
Free to download here
Christmas Kiss
One of ours! Charming moving Christmas card. Pull the tab and the festive couple kiss under the mistletoe.
Free to download here
Ho Ho Ho!
Another one of ours! Turn the handle and the jolly Santa laughs heartily!
Download here
Flying Santa
Another model from Paper Pino - What fun!
Download for free here

Pop Up Christmas Card from Canon
Reindeer and Sleigh
Christmas Game
Carol Singers

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree with Stange Characters
Hako Reindeer
Santa on rails
Various Christmas Trees
Flying Angel
Nativity Scene
Snowflake Cards
Interesting Santa
Various very nice pop up cards
Weird sort of Santa thing
Flying Santa
Thanks to Arturo Palacios and others for these links! Have fun everyone. I'm going to start with the nice pop up cards.


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