Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Leselotte

Remember my last post about my reading in bed troubles and how handy the Thumb Thing would be to have?

Well, here comes the Leselotte!

It's a multi-position book rest for anyone who likes to get comfortable when they’re reading a book. It holds the book and stays in place whether you read on the couch, at the table or in bed. Simply put the front and back covers of the book under the elastic strips of the special book cover. The book cover is then attached to the bean bag using Velcro strips. Now simply place the book in a comfortable reading position and it stays there. Now you only need one hand to keep your book open.

Leselotte was invented by two sisters who used to get fed up at their arms falling asleep while reading in bed, at getting cold hands or at knocking the milk jug over by leaning the book against it when reading at the breakfast table.

What a great idea!

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