Thursday, December 7, 2006

GOOGLE: "(YOUR NAME HERE) looks like"

Here's what happens when you are so bored that you start looking up stupid stuff about yourself on Google.
Type "(yourname) looks like" into a Google search and see all the crazy things that come up. Be sure to use the quotation marks or the results won't be as precise.

Here's a few of the gems for my name that I found:

"Sandy looks like"

Sandy looks like she had a good time!
Sandy looks like sunshine in this soft yellow scarf with combining colors of green eyelash and another multiple-color scallop yarn.
I cannot believe how much Sandy looks like my Great Dane Moofasa,they could pass for twins.
Sandy looks like a cheap street whore.
Sandy looks like a nice dog indeed. :wink:
PS Sandy looks like a pallid little weasel.
Sandy looks like a big ol' garbage bag.
Sandy looks like a shitzu.
Now Sandy looks like the special angel she truly is!
Sandy looks like she's in complete ecstasy!!
Sandy looks like a fish out of water and Lee doesn't look that impressed either.
Sandy looks like the victim of a bad frat party!!
Sandy looks like an experienced beach goer!
Sandy looks like a Jackie-O Glamour Mama.

HMPHF! I don't even know any of these people! How dare they talk about me behind my back! teehee

Seriously though, there must be a lot of people who own dogs named Sandy. About half of these comments came from websites about dogs.

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Sandy said...

My name is also Sandy, and it strikes me how many dogs show our name. The only name more dog-like I can think of for a human is Rusty. Maybe Prince. That's about it.