Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Provo Craft Knifty Knitter Looms - UPDATE

I'd like to get Kasey a set or two of these. WalMart carries them. I've read many posts about young girls and the knitting craze lately. And these seem like they would be easy enough to teach her how to knit with, especially since I don't know how to do it myself.

Knifty Knitter Round Looms With Hook & Bag, easily make hats, scarves, totes, stockings, golf club covers and so much more! Available in four sizes.

Each loom comes with a hook and pick tool, easy-to-follow instructions

Comes in a clear carrying tote

Variety of colors & sizes to choose from

Provo Craft Knifty Knitter Looms carries them too!

UPDATE: February 2007
I bought a set of these for Kasey thinking it would be a great project for us to learn together. I sat her down on my bed, brought them out of the bag to surprise her and she just looks at me, deadpan, and asks "You want me to show you how to use those?"
Seems Miss Kasey already knows how to use them. She learned from Sarah Beth one night while at a sleepover at Aunt Cathies. Hmphf!
Anyway...she basically showed me how to do it and we have been trading off time back and forth working on a hat for Korey.
We finished it last night.

Cute huh? And so easy!
Cousin Mandy made a hat just like this for Korey for Christmas only with different colored and textured yarn. It's so adorable.
This was just a test run to see if Kasey and I could actually accomplish making one. Our next project is to make one in hunting colors for Bubba. Not that he would wear a knitted hat out hunting but that's what we are calling it anway. :)

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