Thursday, November 30, 2006

A New Addition to Our Family



She's an 8 month old Chihuahua.

I know I said I would never get a dog as long as we lived in this sardine can of a house but when this dog was described to me over the phone, I just couldn't say no. Kasey has always wanted a Chihuahua or a poodle because she thinks they are strictly indoor dogs and do not want to stay outside like our beagle, Shiloh, always did. We had to give Shiloh away before we moved in here. See, we live in a small house not 30 feet from the street with no fenced yard. Not a great place to have a dog, that's for sure. I've said since we moved here that I didn't want another dog until we had a fenced yard so that I wouldn't have to take it out on a leash to go potty.

Bubba wasn't none too thrilled to be getting a dog but I insisted and pretty much didn't give him a choice in the matter. He doesn't clean up after it, take it outside, feed it or anything else for that matter, so why should he care if we have a dog in the house?

Anyway, we are all getting along fabulously. She's a smart dog. Loves her monkey toys and loves the baby. We fixed up a small cable run out the back door. I clip the end of it to her collar, she runs out, barks at the dog next door a couple times so he won't watch her poop, does her business and comes right back up to the door when she is done.

And she sleeps with Kasey every night.....which Kasey just loves.
Kasey told me a couple days ago that she feels so much better since getting a dog. She's not lonely at night and she says she feels better having more responsibility.
Boy, does she have some surprises coming as she gets older as far as feeling good about having more responsibilities.....heehee

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