Sunday, November 19, 2006


I do not like the MySpace website or any other website like it.

I am not going to let my kids post to these social networking websites. I mean, what for? They can communicate with their friends via email, telephone, IM, cellphone, text message or at school. Why let them set up a page on a website for them to broadcast their face and other information for all the world to see?
I used to have a MySpace page but I took it down. I used it mainly to keep track of my neices and nephews MySpace pages. It had my picture, first name and age on there but not much else to identify me with. But even if it did, I am an adult. I can do that if I want. I know what I am doing. Most kids don't.
While they still live in my house, my kids have to abide by my rules. And if I want to make one of the rules that you are not allowed to post your name, picture or any other identifiable information on the internet, then so be it. It will be known right from the beginning that it's not allowed and that I will be monitoring their moves on the computer. I will know what they are doing and who they are talking and sharing information with or the computer will be off limits. I have enough other stuff to worry about in my life than having to also worry about what my kids are doing on the internet.

Here's a couple links to pages by Bob Rankin that has a lot of useful information about MySpace and other social networking websites.
MySpace - Good or Evil?
How to retrieve a forgotten MySpace password

This part hit a nerve:

Kids on Myspace should be cautioned about not revealing their physical location to strangers, but there's another potential downside to sharing your photo, personal information and ramblings in an online public space... Landlords, employers and college admissions departments can (and do) use Myspace and other social networking sites as a part of background checks.
So if you've been turned down for an apartment, a new job, or didn't get accepted to the college of your choice, it's entirely possible that something in your online profile was a factor. It's also possible that a bogus profile created by a pranskster or malicious person may be reflecting negatively on you.
That right there should be enough to scare any potential 16 year old looking for their first job to not post information about themselves on the internet. Especially if it's false information used to make themselves look cool for all their friends. Obviously, their friends aren't the only ones reading about them.

Plus, if you haven't had the chance to catch the show "To Catch A Predator" with Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC, you need to set up a time to watch it. The Dateline team has caught almost 200 men (predators) since the show started and more keep coming.....even ones that have seen the show! Most parents don't think something like this could happen to them or their child until it's too late.

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