Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Michael Jackson

After reading an article today about Michael Jackson and viewing the accompanying pictures (left), I've pondered this question:

Do you think we will ever find out all his weird secrets? Or will he carry them to the grave?

I mean seriously, the guy claims he hasn't had as much plastic surgery done as has obviously been done. (His nose is as pointy as a pencil.) He claims to have a rare skin condition that turns his skin white. (Look at that! He's as white as I am! But his nails are still brown....what's up with that? Ew.) Why can't he just fess up and admit to all this nonsense? Will he ever?

Anomalies Unlimited offers an excellent sketch of Michael's strange metamorphasis.

You gotta see this! In a way, I feel sorry for the guy. Anyone that could be that disturbed by their own looks so much as to do this to themselves over and over deserves some sympathy.

Normally I could care less about Michael Jackson (albeit I did have a tremendous crush on him during the early 80's Thriller stage), but with the articles coming out about him getting weirder and stranger by the day, I can't help but wonder how this story is going to play out at the end.

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