Thursday, November 30, 2006

Leftovers and Goodbyes

Well, the holidays are upon us. I love this time of year. I love the family gatherings and having dinner, playing games, watching the Christmas specials on tv, just generally celebrating the spirit of family. There's something about this time of year that makes me feel so much closer to my family. We're a big one.....last count I think was 38 immediate family members in all. I'm so lucky and blessed to belong to such a big and wonderful tribe.

There's only one thing I hate about this time of year more than the traffic, the crowds at the stores and the nasty Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays war.

It's the 'Scraps Debates' that happen after every meal. You know how it is....all the women are in the kitchen, Saran-Wrap flying everywhere, lid and bowl matching sessions in every corner, people are putting on coats, gathering their children, trying to get home before they pass out from all the overeating and you get stuck in the middle of the kitchen with.........
You want to take some of this turkey home with you? Why don't you take some of this pie home with you? You want to take some of these rolls home with you? Take this veggie tray with you and eat it later. You want to take some of this dressing home with you? You want to gotta wanna......
Sounds like some sort of leftovers auction!

Because this scenario happens at every family gathering of a meal, it takes FOREVER to get out the door and get gone. I seriously dread saying goodbye. The mumble and rumble from the kitchen starts at that precise moment you say anything about heading home. The ripping of Saran Wrap starts up and if you don't quickly find your coat and grab the door handle to freedom, you're bombarded from all sides with a run-down of the days menu, just ready for you to take home.
I understand why some people appreciate leftovers while others won't touch them. I'm one of those that won't touch them, especially if it's any kind of meat. The flavors and textures are just lost when warming them in the microwave. And I can't eat a half of a bowl of cranberry sauce if I don't have all the other fixin's to go with it like the older generation can.
Because, you know, it's the older generations that instigate this behavior. They'll save every last scrape of foodstuff from a dish and make a meal of it later. Literally, I've seen two spoonfuls of corn saved in a butter dish before. I don't know if they think we're still in a depression or what.

I don't mind taking back the leftovers of the dishes that I brought, but if I wanted to take a bunch of other peoples leftovers home too, I would have brought my own set of butter dishes. I don't want to take all that crap home. I just want to get my dishes, get my coat, give my love and get in the car. I don't want your leftovers! Stop trying to pawn all this food off onto me!
You're giving me a headache.

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