Saturday, November 11, 2006

"I'm in your X Y'ing your Z"

There are a ton of these graphics in this format floating all over the internet recently. Most of them are pretty funny. But you have to know the meaning behind the phrase to understand what it all means.
The origin of this phenomenon comes from the many online multi-player game such as "Command and Conquer". While player 1 was innocently in one part of the game building up defenses and gaining general infantry, player 2 is in player 1's base (headquarters), killing all his "d00ds" (men). Player 1 doesn't even notice, so player 2 sends him a message:

'I am in ur base killin ur d00ds.'
This line can be used in many situations. And it is being spread all over the internet in all sorts of ways. Some of the most recent ones I've seen.......

Nancy Pelosi
New Speaker of the House

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