Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bean's Emergency Weather Radio

Oh yeah....I gotta get one of these! I have our cellar (partially) packed for emergencies because as most of you know, living here in Missouri where severe thunderstorms and tornados force us into shelters on a regular basis, you have to be prepared at a moments notice. Not everything we would need is down there though. I have a short list of things that I must gather to take with us when we head "down under". One of them is a radio. The only radio I have is a giant boombox-type. It's quite the handful. But with this little gem, I could just leave it down there with the rest of the blankets and water. I love the features of this radio....especially the built-in cellphone charger and flashlight. And it's a hand crank radio. I've never heard of such a thing.

Bean's Emergency Weather Radio

Stay informed and be prepared during a power outage or an emergency. The portable FR-300 radio broadcasts news and current weather conditions, has a built-in LED light with emergency flash and siren, and includes four adapters for charging common cell phones. Now available in a selection of exclusive translucent colors as well as camouflage. Great to have on hand at camp or while traveling in remote areas.

The hand-crank power generator charges an internal NiMH battery for power in case of an emergency. Features an AM/FM tuner, audio from TV1 and TV2 (VHF channels 2 to 13) and all seven NOAA Weather Radio channels. Nylon carry case for traveling. Can also run on three AA batteries, not included. Made for L.L.Bean by Eton.

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