Friday, August 18, 2006

Paper Crafts

Making PaperCrafts Makes the 3D image Turns the 3D image
into a paper pattern
Moving Picture Machine
Conservatory Coffin
Haunted Dimensions-Site Updates
Ray Keim-Paper Model Pugratory
1) To see all the downloads available, click the link on the left side
directly below the main graphic . 2) The models are all scenes from the
Edo period in different port cities in Japan. The title of each model is
the city it represents. - Jiji the Cat - Cool Blue Penguin - Funny Character Cafe
Papercraft World: Papercraft Rally Cars
Papercraft World: Papercraft Rabbit
Papercraft World: Design Your Own Papercraft
Papercraft World: Papercraft Trout
Papercraft World: Hey Let's Make Now
Papercraft World: Animal Papercrafts
being natasha fialkov: the paper bead tutorial! LOTS O' PHOTOS!!!
Paper University - Art Class
Paper Bead Craft
Paper Bead Keychains
Paper Beads
Paper Bead Gallery
Home-made beads
Sperm Whale download -
Ghostbusters car -
This site has photo instructions and free downloads. I heard about this
link on the often helpful and interesting PapermodelsII group on Google
Groups. I check out the posts there when I can and sometimes there are
great posts I've never seen. This one was submitted to the group by
Peter Visser of Iceberg Paper Models. Canon papercraft website
Need to download with DSL
English Translation of Howl's Moving Castle Guide
free paper craft downloads - Google Search
Ninjatoes - useful links
Canon 3D Papercraft
Canon 3D Papercraft - Lucky Items
Canon 3D Papercraft - Right-side-up Monkey
Enjoy the Paper Craft! Origami Model Links, Paper models, Paper folding
Printable Craft Projects - Creative Paper Projects
Craft Site Directory - Paper Crafts
Paper Crafts and Supplies
Paper Crafts Magazine
MAKE: Blog: Paper craft Archives
Welcome to Kami-Kobo
Paper Crafts | YAMAHA MOTOR - Pink Bunny wicked wench model Catbus paper model
Click the image of the model and then click the second link down for the jpeg version
I know I've mentioned Canon's site before, but there have been some new additions since last time, and I'm a big fan of paper insects, so I thought it to be postworthy. Go to the Science Museum Page and click on the insects to see 6 different species to download (free) and construct. While you are there, browse the site to find other paper projects and creations.
Seite42 - Index nach Beilagen
Seite 42 - Entenhausen
Seite 42 - Pinocchio-Theater

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